The International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! goes back to the 1960s. At first only national, in mid 1990s it was completely reorganised and became a first-class European event. It attracts the third generation of Poznań inhabitants, which translates to the audience of over 10,000 people each year. Ale Kino is one of two flagship festivals of the Children’s Art Centre (the other one being the Biennial of Art for Children).
In 2012 Ale Kino! received the Polish Film Institute award in the category of international film events, in 2008 in the category of young audience education, and in 2011 – the European Citizens’ Prize from the European Parliament.

In 2010 the Festival embarked on a tour around Poland. "Ale Kino! on Tour" is now available in little villages, whose young inhabitants seldom have the opportunity to encounter quality international film productions.


The mission of Ale Kino! is, first of all, to enable young cinemagoers to see interesting and varied films, but also to carry out a large-scale promotion of artistic and intelligent productions aimed at children and teenagers, and to create a meeting place and discussion forum devoted to young audience cinema. Ale Kino! FILMS The Festival offers to its audience a unique chance to become acquainted with a variety of young audience films from all over the world. Its programme includes live-action films and animations, both short and full-length ones, made in the years 2009-2011, i.e. the most recent productions which are not normally available in Polish cinemas or TV channels. Ale Kino! presents movies that fall outside stereotypes, movies that are interesting in terms of artistic and educational values. These can be Polish productions, European ones, as well as films from different countries of the world which are rarely represented on Polish screens. They all offer the view of the world from the perspective of different cultures and artistic conventions. Ale Kino! programme consists of such films which treat every cinemagoer, whether young or old, as a partner in a dialogue across the cinema screen rather than a mere buyer of a cinema ticket.