• Buta
  • Azerbaijan
  • 98
  • 11+ yrs
  • director
    Ilgar Najaf
  • screenplay
    Ilgar Najaf, Ramiz Fataliyev
  • cinematography
    Georgi Beridze
  • music
    Javanshir Guliyev
  • format


The main character, boy called Buta is luckier than others because he has got a wise adviser (tutor), who sells liquid soap. This man helps the boy in every step of the way. The wise man dreams of restoring an old mill, whereas Buta wishes for a different thing – he wants to create a big pattern on the top of the mountain by using stones so that everyone who flies high – birds and people on the planes – would be able to watch and admire it. But he is surrounded by envious village boys who prevent him.


In 1988 (when we has 13) his family was displaced from Armenia and became refugees. In 1993 he entered the Azerbaijan State University of Arts, film directing faculty. In 2000 he shot the documentary film (22 minutes) “Shacks without Shades”. The film was awarded the Prize of the Baku Youth Festival. In 2004 he established the film studio “Buta Film” where he produced the number of documentary and short film as a producer as well as director. “Buta” is his first feature film.


Date, time Venue
  • Tue, 2012-12-04 09:30
  • Wed, 2012-12-05 12:00
Multikino 51