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Guillermo García Carsí (Madrid, 1974).

Takes the step from drawing to animation when he decides to go to England where he studied animation at Bournemouth Art College, in UK.

Creator and Director of the Award winning preschool’s series Pocoyo for Zinkia.

His international success has been recognized with a long list of prestigious awards, ANNECY Best Television Series, and Best Series Preschool BAFTA, among others.

He has worked as an illustrator for various publishers, as an animator and Director for Cartoon Network Spain, and before embarking on the Pocoyo’s project started in Zinkia as Creative Director.

Also, the series Pocoyo has also led him to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, European University of Madrid, the Italian Institute of Design in Madrid, DUOC University of Chile, SIGGRAPH Festival, among others, where he has taught courses and case conferences.

In June 2009 he founded El Señor Studio with her partner and sister Beatriz, ( to put his new projects in motion. The first of these was the animated 3D pilot and short film “Doomed” created and directed by Guillermo. “Doomed” has already been awarded in seven International Festivals, including Best Comedy Fernand Raynaud prize at the prestigious Clermont Ferrand Festival 2012, besides been selected by more than twenty International Festivals such as Edinburgh Film Festival, Pictoplasma Berlin, among others.

This new project has captured the attention in the media and within the Animation industry being published in Cartoonbrew ( among many others. It has also led him to give several lectures and masterclasses at the Festival Pictoplasma Characters in Motion (Berlin), SIGRAPH (Colombia), ESDIP, University Camilo JC, FIAM Festival (Colombia), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Cromafest Festival (Mexico), etc.

He has currently finished directing the short film “La mano de Nefertiti” ("The hand of Nefertiti") commissioned to promote the film "The Adventures of Tadeo Jones", the highest grossing Spanish animation film so far. He has also design the opening titles of the film, also produced by El Señor Studio. Additionally he is working on the development of new projects and assignments from other production companies, combining it with various advertising assignments.


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