Crossing Salween

Crossing Salween
  • Crossing Salween
  • Ireland
  • 21
  • 12+ yrs
  • director
    Brian O'Malley
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Along the Thai border in the Karen state of Eastern Burma, where the Karen people have been persecuted by the Military Junta that has run Burma since its independence from Britain, a young Karen girl named Ko Reh finds herself orphaned after the massacre of her village by the army.

Befriending a mysterious hunter named Dante who made a promise to her father that he would take her to safety, Ko Reh and Dante make the long, arduous journey to the Salween River in search of her freedom. Guided by the spirits of her ancestors, the life, struggles and losses of Ko Reh and her family are reflected in the people she meets on her journey, the extent of those losses and the means by which they occurred becoming finally apparent as she reaches her journeys end.

Ko Reh must now make the crossing of the Salween River that divides the horrors of Burma from the safety of Thailand, but with a small expanse of water between her and a new life in Thailand, will the love of her father, the guidance of her guardian angel Dante, and the protection of her families spirits be enough to take her across the river where so many have fallen?


Brian O'Malley has been directing TV commercials with Red Rage Films in Ireland for over 10 years. Since then he has made over 100 TV commercials all over the world and has directed many Shark, ICAD and Golden Lion award winning commercials and campaigns including Meteor "Stuff", Trociare "Interview", Today FM, Teletext "Nice Bus".

Brian has also previously Written and Directed the short film "Screwback" based on his co-written Hartley Merrill award winning feature length screenplay "Sisk", which is in pre-production with Parrallel Films.

Short Films:

Crossing Salween. 2011. 20 mins. Language: Karen, English Subtitles. Shot on RED. Bord Scanan na heireann.
Screwback. 2005. 10 mins. Language: English, Cantonese, English Subtitles. 35mm. Bord Scanan na heireann. Winner of BAFTA certificate, Aspen Short Film Festival 2005.

Screenwriting Awards:

"Sisk". Written by Brian O'Malley, Terrn McMahon and Mark O'Rowe. Winer of the Tiernan Macbride Screenwriting Award, Ireland 2005. Winner of the Hartley Merrill International Screenwriting Prize, Cannes 2005.


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  • Thu, 2012-12-06 12:00
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