L'enfant d'en haut

  • Sister
  • France, Switzerland
  • 100
  • 12+ yrs
  • director
    Ursula Meier
  • screenplay
    Antoine Jaccoud, Ursula Meier
  • cinematography
    Agnes Godard afc
  • music
    John Parish
  • format
    35 mm


A luxury ski resort in Switzerland. 12-year-old Simon lives in the industrial valley below, with his jobless sister. Every day, he takes the ski-lift to the opulent ski world above, stealing equipment from rich tourists to resell to the local kids back down. As he partners with a crooked British seasonal worker, Simon loses his boundaries, which affects the relationship with his sister. Confronted with a truth they had both been escaping, Simon seeks refuge up above.



Date, time Venue
  • Tue, 2012-12-04 12:00
  • Wed, 2012-12-05 17:00
Multikino 51