Child Prodigies
  • Child Prodigies
  • Germany
  • 96
  • 12+ yrs
  • director
    Markus Rosenmuller
  • format
    35 mm


Poltawa (Ukraine), early 1940s: three children, German Hanna and two Jewish children, Larissa and Abrascha, are best friends and share the love of music, until the war finally reaches Poltawa and the friendship of the three children is at risk. Being only twelve years old, the children do not understand yet the madness and brutality of adults and only see one way out of the disaster: to help each other and to win the hearts and kindness of the adults by using their musical ability. Only this way can they escape the mass murder.



Date, time Venue
  • Tue, 2012-12-04 09:30
Multikino Stary Browar