Platinum Goats 2012

Platinum Goats is the prize awarded since 2002 by the Organisers of the Ale Kino! Festival. It is presented for outstanding achievements in film or media for children. The first winner was Maria Kaniewska, followed by Stanisław Jędryka (2003), Andrzej Maleszka (2004), Hanna Polak and Andrzej Celiński (2005), Dorota Kędzierzawska (2006), Witold Giersz (2007), SE-MA-FOR Studio (2008), the project of the Polish Film Institute, the School Film Archives (2009), TV Studio of Animation Films in Poznań (2010), the film Magic Tree directed by Andrzej Maleszka (2010), Vaclav Vorlicek (2010), Jiři Menzel, the film The Story of the Golden Boot directed by Sylwester Chęciński, and Co Hoedeman (2011).

The organisers of the 30th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! decided to give two special awards of the Festival - the Platinum Goats:

to Andrzej Wajda, the artist who has repeatedly and with great insight portrayed young people in his films. They make heroic attempts at standing up to the challenges of the dramatic Polish history, forced to face the most difficult moral dilemmas and at the same time striving to enjoy their life to the fullest, seeking love and joy, as their peers around the world would do. The award is given also and in equal measure for the film that is exceptional among Andrzej Wajda's works, and meaningful for everyone who professionally deals with bringing up children. This film is Korczak, an insightful, moving portrait of an educator, a thinker and a writer with a desire to bring to children what every human being deserves and needs for a good life: a sense of love and support, as well as belief in your own capabilities and the ability to base your life on emancipation, respect for human rights and care. The film about Korczak ends tragically, but at the same time brings hope that the ideas and deeds of the Old Doctor were not in vain. In Janusz Korczak Year, which not only commemorates Korczak as a person, but also promotes his philosophy today, our film award could not possibly go to better hands than Andrzej Wajda's.

to Tadeusz Wilkosz, for his lifetime achievement in the field of puppet film. Tadeusz Wilkosz's animated pieces are populated with a collection of characters who have shaped the imagination of many generations of Polish children. Colargol, the Three Bears Kuba, Misia and Bartek, Pik-Pok the Penguin and many others are animated heroes who - talking about things that are the most important for children, such as friendship and love - guide them into a realm of artistically rich imagination where adventure rules. And even though they are puppets, they move and entertain, because thanks to the mastery of their creator, young audience members find a reflection of themselves in them.