• Za kulisami
  • Australia
  • 3
  • 12+ yrs
  • director
    Pierce Davison
  • screenplay
    Pierce Davison
  • music
    Ash Gibson Greig
  • producers
    Jacob Fjord
  • production
  • sales
  • format
    Digi Beta


The students are busy preparing their acts backstage at the school drama club. Cynthia is reading a new play she has written – when her teacher forces her to read with Jeremy, she doesn’t get the amazing performance she was after but something quite strange. Meanwhile, the girl dressed as a maggot has gone and unexpectedly stolen the limelight.


Pierce Davison – Director / Animator / Writer

Pierce Davison began his film career by doing an undergraduate degree in Commerce at the University of Western Australia, during which time he directed his first short animation UFO Inferno, using coat-hangers and magnets.

Over the next few years he studied media and communications and was employed as the loans officer at Murdoch University where he developed his skills in model making and animation, creating many 30 second shorts, experimenting with forms, films and techniques. Pierce’s final film at university was The Cow Side, which went onto win best animation at the WA Screen Awards. It was only his second film to truly utilise stop motion techniques.

Pierce went on to spend time with Nick Hilligoss, a leading Australian animator, who helped develop Pierce’s technique and style. After an extended internship, Pierce returned to Perth to make Fetch an adaptation of Henry Lawson’s Loaded Dog for ABC TV’s Outback Upfront series. The film is the first to use latex puppets and the first film to be afforded any type of budget.

Ever since Fetch, Pierce has been using latex models, ever expanding his techniques, developing his craft and storytelling. In 2003 his film Medusa was selected as a finalist at Intel Tropfest, where it was seen by over 60,000 patrons. The film was seen by the commissioning editor of SBS who was keen to see Medusa on TV.

In the meantime, Pierce created The Olympiads Lounge, a short mockumentary-style animation, utilising the same characters that inhabit the Medusa kingdom doing stand-up comedy in a basement club. The film has played to many festivals including the Montreal International Comedy Festival and has screened on the Comedy Channel in Australia.

During filming of Olympiads Lounge, SBS commissioned a pilot episode of Medusa and a 13 part series bible. The short 3 minute film has been the most successful of the DavisonBros films, screening at over 40 international festivals, screening in the US, Japanese and European markets and on Australian television on SBS. The series is currently in development.

In 2005 production began work on the 13 minute short film Professor Pebbles, his most ambitious project to date. The film set both in hell and on earth, required over 12 sets and 20 characters and includes over 17,000 frames of animation. The film was completed in April 2007.

Since 2007, Pierce has been involved in numerous short films and a commercials as a prop maker, model and set designer, including high-profile campaigns for Synergy and Western Force.

In 2008 Pierce worked on the Adam Elliot stop-motion animated feature Mary & Max.

In 2009 he produced the short film Backstage for Nickelodeon Australia.

Pierce is currently working on his latest project – Cedric & Hope, a love story set in 1095.

Pierce is a former ABC TV Young Filmmaker of the Year (2000) and with his brother Seymour are the core of the DavisonBros.


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